Thursday, January 6, 2011

So . . . what's on your "bucket list"?

I'm not a big movie-watcher; it's probably my ADHD that keeps me from just sitting on the couch for 2 hours staring at a screen. (I know it's ironic, given what I do.) However, I'm not opposed to turning one on in the background while I'm doing dishes or working on the computer. It's rare that I can just sit and watch and do nothing else. For me, the feeling of "I've got other stuff to do on this Earth" is a strong driving force.

A few months ago, I rented "The Bucket List" from one of those Redbox kiosks. For a buck, I could put it on in the background and let it play. In case you're like me and haven't seen this one, it features Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as men who, due to terminal illnesses, have been given a short time to live. The unlikely pair meet in a hospital setting and decide to "go for it" and cross as many items as they can off their "Bucket Lists".

This got me thinking; what things are on my own "Bucket List"? After a cardiac scare a couple of years ago, I definitely pay more attention to areas like diet and exercise, but I don't want to turn into a hermit who can't eat or do the things I enjoy. Who wants that? No one.

But here's the hard part: what exactly does one put on their "Bucket List"? What things are important enough to do? What things would I want to make sure I do before I leave this Earth behind? Making the list falls back into the "SMART" goal-setting area.
(Remember?  Specific  Measurable  Attainable  Realistic  Time-sensitive)
I came across this list while doing a search on "Bucket List" and was reminded of it again today by a colleague who posted the link on a Facebook page.

Take a peek at the hints it gives. since we are all thinking about New Year's resolutions right now, you may be able to incorporate some of the ideas into short-term goal-setting as well.

All of us want to feel as if we are accomplishing something in our daily activities as well as in the overall big-picture of life. Make your list and start crossing things off!

- David Grupa

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