Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Are you deleting files in-camera?

A lot of photographers do . . . and it ends up causing trouble, just like the image you see here.

It's best to not delete in-camera. Here's how it was explained to me:

Think of your memory card like a piece of notebook paper. When you're taking notes, you can write on the lines and everything is easily readable from beginning to end.

Now you reach the end and there's not more room to write. You may write up the side, in the margins, or between lines. Perhaps you draw lines and arrows to connect things you've written down so that they make sense later. You may even erase something you've written in order to write something else in that spot. Erasing can rip the paper or cause confusion as you try to read what you've written over something else.

With a freshly formatted memory card, all the available space is clean and your camera can write on it easily, just like a clean sheet of paper. If you delete (erase) in-camera, there are now those little open spots where your camera can write in the margin. It draws an arrow to let it know where it left off, but sometimes erasing doesn't allow it to be read easily.

Format a new card before each session. Carry additional blank cards. This will keep you from worrying about deleting info you still need space.

Before a memory card goes into my bag, it needs to be clean and formatted. That way, if I put it in my camera and see data, I know not to use it because it's probably not been downloaded yet. Yeah, I carry a ton of cards . . . but I'd much rather be safe than sorry.

Finally, remember that memory cards do have a life expectancy. It's a good idea to number them and replace them every couple of years. Sure, it's an added expense, but we're in business. It's like having backup gear in your bag or backing up files to external drives or cloud servers. Figure it into your cost of doing business.

- David

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Speed Up Your Workflow with Retouchup.com

What are some of the things you wish you could delegate to someone else? Cleaning your office? Doing laundry? Yardwork? Grocery shopping?

Sometimes we simply have great intention of getting things done but they get put on the back burner because life gets in the way. Having someone else to

The same is true in our businesses. There are parts of it that everyone loves to do; shooting, sales, delivering a final order. Yet, the bottleneck occurs on some of the in-between stages, such as file preparation, retouching, braces removal, clipping masks and more.

That's where outsourcing your workflow can save you time and money. Yes, I said "save you money." After all, what is your time worth? Are you more productive in the camera room or retouching an image? Where do you make your money; in the sales room or behind the computer?

I've used Retouchup.com for a number of years. From retouching projects to clipping masks for compositing images, it's as simple as uploading the image and giving instructions. Turnaround is usually 24 hours (less, in some instances!)

Here's your chance to see it if works for you. Go to www.retouchup.com and open your account for free.

Get your life back and be more profitable.

- David