Sunday, January 16, 2011

ImagingUSA is the place to be!

You've heard all about it. You've probably even considered giving it a shot, but for whatever reason, you're sitting home reading this on your computer screen while we're down here in San Antonio, host city for ImagingUSA 2011.

PPA ( members from all over the world are gathered here this weekend to take part in what is the largest, longest running photographic exhibition under one roof. There are opportunities for education in both classroom and tradeshow settings, a huge trade show of vendors featuring photographic products of all types and of course, fellowship and fun. Three of the Camp David crew are down here this week learning new tips and tricks to bring back to our own studios.

You can see what you're missing at

Professional associations are well worth your membership investment because of the educational and networking opportunities they bring. PPA is no different; this the oldest and largest photographic association in the world, serving photographers since 1869. It's member-owned, so your dues money goes into providing benefits for YOU, the member.

Want more info on PPA, or state and local organizations? Drop a note here and we'll get you pointed in the right direction!

Stay tuned for more fun from ImagingUSA and some of the phenomenal people here . . . you'll love what's coming in the near future!

Gotta run . . . early class tomorrow!

- David Grupa

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