Monday, January 31, 2011

A Camp David Minute; Become a Certified Professional Photographer

Why Become a Certified Professional Photographer?

Your clients bring their taxes to a Certified Public Accountant and trust their automotive repairs to an ASE Certified Mechanic. Doctors, dentists and attorneys all passed certification exams before they could practice.

In this flood of new photographers, it is Certification that can set you apart from your competition!

Studies show that more consumers understand the term "certified" than any other designation. With it comes a degree of trust that not only leads a consumer to believe that the final product will be high-quality, but is an assurance of competency that will distinguish you from others not holding this important credential.

Using the Certified Professional Photographer logo on your business cards, website and marketing materials boldly identifies you as a photographer who has met the requirements for Certification and upholds the Standards of Conduct.

I chatted with the Professional Photographer Certification Commission's Heather Smith during Imaging USA. Watch our interview here:

Becoming a Certified Professional Photographer require you to complete 3 steps:
  • Declaration of Candidacy
  • Certification Exam
  • Image Submission Review
The Declaration of Candidacy is your first step towards becoming a Certified Professional Photographer. Once you've declared your candidacy, you will have three years to successfully complete the two additional requirements: Image Submission Review and the Certification Exam.

The Certification Exam and Image Submission Review may be completed in any order — one may submit images for review before taking the written exam. If you do not complete all requirements during the three year period, your candidacy will end. You must re-apply, pay the appropriate fee, and re-start the process.

All Certified Professional Photographers must adhere to the Standards of Conduct for Certification, as outlined on the PPCC Website.

Certification Exams and Image Submission Reviews are scheduled periodically throughout the year at a variety of locations. Check the PPCC Website for dates and times.

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