Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Got Questions? We'd love to help!

One of the things I love about the photographic industry is how open and willing people are when it comes to helping their colleagues. When I got into the profession oh-so-many-years-ago, there were those "go-to" photographers who were confident enough in their abilities and their clientele that did not hesitate to share the things they did. When you had a question that totally stumped you, odds are they either had the answer or knew someone who would know.

Camp David is like that. Not that we have all the answers (we're always learning new things, too), but we love to help when we are able. Sharing only makes this industry stronger and better.

So . . . here's the deal:

Send us your questions. You may either leave them in the comment box below or if you're shy, email us at

We'll give it our best effort and answer as many as we can right here in future blogs.

- David Grupa

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