Friday, June 29, 2012

A Website Targeted at Faux-tographers Who Steal Images of Photographers.

One of the things to love about Facebook is the variety of material you can find there. Photographers old and new can always pick up a tidbit here and there about ways to enhance their work, website and products.

Of course, Facebook doesn't come without a bit of drama from time to time. In the past few weeks there was a controversy over an Arkansas photographer who was enhancing her own website; not by using techniques found online, but by using the work of other photographers that yes, she found online. The friends of the victimized photog came to her defense, blowing up the FB page and phone of the "stealer" with comments and links exposing her deeds.

Born from this fiasco is a Tumblr site dedicated to exposing these thieves, appropriately named "Photo Stealers". It depends on readers to submit the names and websites of people who are using other photographers' work (and website text) as their own. Viewers can send a tip using the Submission Form. Hopefully, this will help put a stop to (okay, help somewhat curb) this illegal activity.

Thanks to FStoppers and PetaPixel for links and info contained here!

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