Friday, June 15, 2012

Get One Year of Photovision for Just $49

One of the most popular methods of learning what's new in photography is to see and hear what other professionals are doing in their own studios. Unfortunately, it's simply not possible to travel the country and drop in on someone. Facebook groups can be helpful, but you really never know if the individual giving the information is accurate or just blowing smoke.
This is where Photovision's DVDs come into play. Every 2 months you receive a new DVD in your mailbox. Pop it into the TV or your computer and watch well-known industry professionals share their methods and techniques. Pause it, play it back, watch your favorite segment over and over. If you prefer to stream it online, you can do that as well!
Photovision has been given the "Hot One" award by the Professional Photographers of America for the quality programming they produce.
I’ve been receiving PhotoVision for years and always looked forward to the arrival of the DVDs in the mail. Even though I consider myself to be “seasoned” I feel like I learn something from every issue! 
Now, you can save $150 by using the promo code PVFAN. Just click on the link below and get all 6 DVDs or streaming video for just $49.
Have fun!

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