Monday, July 16, 2012

In-Person Sales On Your iPad? Check this out . . .

When you ran out and purchased your iPad, you probably told yourself that you would use it for business. You convinced your business partner (or significant other) that you needed it because it would make selling your work so much simpler.

Well, now you're no longer telling a little white lie.

Check out Preveal, the application that turns your iPad into a bona fide sales tool. With it, you can photograph the room in which the prints will be displayed, set the room size and bring it up onto your screen.

Set the room size 

Once you've done that, then select the templates for the size(s) of the images you'd like to show the client.

Swipe the templates

Insert the client's images and share!

Share with the client

Now you can do your in-person sales wherever you go, simply and quickly. (Imagine what this will do to your wall portrait sales; suddenly that "big 8x10" is going to look like a postage stamp!)

Preveal is scheduled to be released in the coming days, but you can check it out at the link below and sign up to be notified the minute it's available.

Get Preveal -

Have fun!

- David

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