Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stock20; Great Royalty Free Music for Website and Slideshows!

As professionals in the media industry, we often have need for great music for our websites, slideshows and other endeavors. However, as much as we like it, it's not legal to use popular music (ie: the stuff you have on your CDs or hear on the radio) on any product we produce unless we have an ASCAP or BMI license, or have paid for reproduction rights.

If you're like me and have ever attempted to do that, you know what a complete runaround and hassle it can be. Ugh.

Enter the music professionals at Stock20. creates high quality music for media production. If you create a free account using the link below, they will give you one free song. Best of all, their music is highly affordable. Stock20 even offers discounts when you purchase entire collections.

Here's one last tip: Until this Wednesday, February 9th, Stock20 is offering their entire catalog of music on disk for just $249. That's over 170 songs, each song in a variety of lengths. You read that right . . . no more editing a song, or having it cut out in a spot that just isn't right. You'll get 7-10 tracks of each song in a variety of times. One more reason I love these guys.

Since there have been questions about this type of thing recently, I wanted to toss out a solution. When I received the sale notice in email today, I had to pass it along.

Even if you don't need all of that music, go ahead and get your free song just for visiting Stock20's site. One caution . . . there are so many cool tunes, you could spend all day listening!

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