Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Camp David Minute; Put The Power Of Numbers Behind Your Business!

Most of us are very similar in our studio operation, running sole-proprietor operations and doing much of the work ourselves. What if you could have the power of an entire organization behind you to offer educational opportunities from the best in the business? What if that same organization offered the ability to measure the quality of your work against other photographers across the globe?

Add to that discounts from major industry vendors, and representation in Washington DC covering areas such as Copyright and Health Care, along with an award-winning industry publication and you have the oldest, strongest member-owned photography association in the world. I caught up with the CEO of the Professional Photographers of America, David Trust, at Imaging USA.

Personally, I've been a PPA member for over 30 years and consider it the best investment I have ever made in my photographic career. Because of the people I've met and the friends and contacts I have made, I have taken my business to a new level.

Learn more about membership at!

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