Friday, December 14, 2012

PPA Charities Photo Idol - Vote Today!

Hi Gang, it’s David Grupa . . . many of you know me from involvement in PPA and affiliate groups, while others just know me from places like Facebook.

You’ve probably seen the PPA Charities Photo Idol 2012 promotion launched on 12/12/12, and I want to encourage everyone to participate; not only because it’s a great cause and excellent way to “pay it forward”, but also because it’s an awesome way to honor some of the very important people who helped to shape your photographic careers. 

So . . . I’d like to get the coins jingling with my own stories. Watch for them right here on the Camp David Photo blog, as well as on the Camp David Photo and my person Facebook pages. Of course, all the vote tallies will also be shown on the PPA Charities website and Facebook pages.

PPA Charities Photo IdolMy very first “PPA Charities Photo Idol” is my mother, Gloria Grupa. She was an artist and photography hobbyist, and it was because of her that I first wet my fingers in Dektol and “developed” a fondness for the smell of fixer. While she never pushed me to get into photography, when I became interested back in high school she was there to help me dig her darkroom equipment out of storage at my grandmother's house and set it up in our basement. She often provided gentle (and sometimes pointed) critiques of my work; while we all want to hear praise and positive commentary, she was straightforward with me when I needed to hear those words as well. At a point when so many people sugar-coat their words to protect another's feelings, mom was honest without being harsh. She made me realize that I need to be serious about my work and the techniques I employed. Even as a hobbyist, she took pride in the pieces she created and wanted them to be finished properly. Today, it's something I keep in mind with every portrait session.

Mom died the past September 28th after a long battle with cancer, but through it all she maintained a positive attitude and remained fiercely independent. 

My first vote goes to Gloria Grupa. Thanks, Mom, for all you did for me over the years. You are truly one of my “PPA Charities Photo Idols.”

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