Sunday, December 16, 2012

PPA Charities Photo Idol 2012 - Day 3

PPA Charities Photo Idol 2012
It’s time to reveal the third of my “Photo Idol” votes. (We’ve got 12 days of voting . . . there are lots more to come!)

By now, you’ve probably seen the PPA Charities Photo Idol 2012 promotion launched on 12/12/12. I want to encourage everyone to participate, not only because it’s a great cause and excellent way to “pay it forward”, but also because it’s an awesome way to honor some of the very important people who helped to shape your photographic careers.

I’m sharing my own stories so that you know where I came from and who’s important to me. Watch for them on my personal Facebook page as well as on the studio page. Of course, all the vote tallies will also be shown on the PPA Charities website and Facebook pages.

Have you ever noticed that there are some speakers you could hear over and over again, and each time you listen you learn something new? Hanson Fong is that individual for me. His classic style of wedding portraiture and ability to flawlessly pose couples is among the best I’ve ever seen. In an age where so many wedding photographers use a “spray and pray” mentality, Hanson Fong’s ability to capture elegant, timeless images is still second to none.

He’s also responsible for a philosophy I use when purchasing equipment. So many photographers go crazy buying every latest gadget only to find them collecting dust on a shelf in a short time. I remember sitting in one of his programs early in my career, agonizing over the thought of spending $125 on an accessory. There came a point in his program when he began talking about what was in his camera case (yes, we used cases rather than bags back in the film days!) and he was talking about buying new “toys”. He seemed to look straight at me in a crowd of over 400 people and said “It’s not expensive as long as you use it. Close your eyes and write the check.” To this day, those words go through my head with nearly every purchase of photographic equipment. “It’s not expensive if you use it.”

He was always approachable and willing to answer questions. I think by now I’ve heard him speak well over a dozen times . . . and I still take something away.

Number 3 on my list of people who influenced my career is Hanson Fong.

It’s time for YOU to vote for your Photo Idol. Do it at

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