Thursday, September 13, 2012

You Earned Your CPP Credential, Now Market It!

It looks as if the latest round of Certified Professional Photographer applicants have been notified that they have been awarded the Credential. 

Ok, now you're officially a CPP. Congrats.

Guess what. Your clients aren't going to care one bit - UNLESS you let them know why they should care.

Certification is the most marketable credential you will ever carry, so now is the perfect time to do something with it.

1 - Send out a press release to the business section of your local newspaper. There should be one in your CPP welcome packet; if not, call CPP headquarters and request one.

2 - Post it on your blog or website. Once you receive the Certified logos, start using them on all of your marketing. Print, email signature, website, even on your business portrait on FB and Linked-in; all are great places to market your CPP credential.

3 - Include it in your bio. Rewrite it to include a short paragraph stating that you're one of a very select few Certified Professional Photographers.

4 - Head over to the website. Do a search on photographers in your state who are Certified and count them. Use the line "YOUR NAME is one of less than X number of Certified Professional Photographers in YOUR STATE."

You earned it.

Now use it to your advantage.

- David Grupa, CPP

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