Friday, March 9, 2012

Most Days, I Really Don't Feel My Age.

Here's a funny story to end the week with a smile . . .

For the past 2 years, I've been volunteering at Hill-Murray School helping out in the black and white photography class. We're teaching basic skills as well as processing film and printing in the darkroom. Yes, in this digital age it's definitely "old school", but the kids are learning about lighting and exposure and how it correlates to the appearance of their final images.

Since we're also using older film cameras, I keep spare batteries in an old film canister in the desk drawer. Since I buy them in bulk and they don't come carded, it just keeps them all in one place.

So this week, a student comes in because her light meter wasn't working. After checking to make sure she had the camera turned on, etc., I decided to replace the battery. I took the canister out of my desk drawer, popped off the top and replaced the cell. As I handed it back to the student, she thanked me and then said "Wow. That's really cute -  I didn't know they made Tupperware containers that small!"

I guess I really am this old.

Have a great weekend!

- David

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