Thursday, July 28, 2011

Q & A: More Simple Marketing Tips For Emerging Professionals

From time to time, readers send in questions or ask for help. In the coming weeks, I'll try to answer a few of them here.

- Do you have any other marketing suggestions to give to those who are in their first year (or so) in the photography business?

RAISE YOUR PRICES! Seriously . . . there is nothing more difficult than starting at a low price point and experiencing difficulty raising prices at a later date because clients balk. Start them out expecting to pay for what you are worth.

UNDERPROMISE AND OVER-DELIVER - There is nothing worse than getting a client's expectations up and then disappointing them with low-quality or late delivery. Just because your lab turns things around in 3 days is not a good reason to tell them that their images will be ready in a week. Take into account the fact that you have to prepare the images along with all of the other things that go into running your daily business. It's much better to tell them to expect 3-4 week turnaround and actually deliver in 2 weeks . . . that makes you a hero rather than a goat.

WORD OF MOUTH CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOU - The biggest problem is, you never hear the bad things until it's too late. Set your expectations up-front and then stick to your deadlines. After delivery, make sure to thank your clients with a card and give them an opportunity to refer their friends.

- David Grupa 

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