Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Speed Up Your Workflow with Retouchup.com

What are some of the things you wish you could delegate to someone else? Cleaning your office? Doing laundry? Yardwork? Grocery shopping?

Sometimes we simply have great intention of getting things done but they get put on the back burner because life gets in the way. Having someone else to

The same is true in our businesses. There are parts of it that everyone loves to do; shooting, sales, delivering a final order. Yet, the bottleneck occurs on some of the in-between stages, such as file preparation, retouching, braces removal, clipping masks and more.

That's where outsourcing your workflow can save you time and money. Yes, I said "save you money." After all, what is your time worth? Are you more productive in the camera room or retouching an image? Where do you make your money; in the sales room or behind the computer?

I've used Retouchup.com for a number of years. From retouching projects to clipping masks for compositing images, it's as simple as uploading the image and giving instructions. Turnaround is usually 24 hours (less, in some instances!)

Here's your chance to see it if works for you. Go to www.retouchup.com and open your account for free.

Get your life back and be more profitable.

- David


  1. Thanks for the coupon code... let's me try their service first. Awesome!