Monday, February 25, 2013

On Your Blog: How Many Images is Enough?

Recently, a question was asked in a Facebook group ; how many images should someone put on a single blog post?

This is one of those areas where I think many people go overboard. Some blog posts have so many images and so much repetition, I'm clicking out before they even load. Really . . they don't need to be so big, and there certainly don't need to be 15-20.

If you feel the need to show more than a few, my suggestion is to build a collage that has multiple images, then upload it as a single file. It's more efficient use of your time and your blog space.

You have to think of it from the perspective of the viewer; if you were to interview them after having read your blog, would they remember a specific image, or did the impact get watered down by overwhelming them with tons of images?

You want them to remember you for something awesome. Show them 3 awesome images, and they'll remember. Show them 20 average images and they won't remember anything.

The problem is that we as photographers and artists fall in love with our own images. We had the experience of the session and become attached to these images. Our clients do the same.

However, random viewers on our blog look at this proliferation of images to which they have no emotional attachment and think "yeah, they're nice . . . <yawn> . . . this is the same one, only in black and white . . . <yawn> . . . why are there 5 of almost the same pose? . . . <CLICK!> . . . I'm outta here."

Pare it down to a number that's reasonable. You don't have to show 20 and you definitely don't have to show an image in both BW and color. You're the artist; you make that call.

That's why the collage idea works well . . . you can put a half-dozen images together and display them; boom.

It's about keeping the viewer engaged, not trying to show them every image from the session.

- David Grupa

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  1. I could not agree with you more! Thank you for sharing this post!

  2. I agree! Sometimes, it is hard to pare it down and still tell a story, but only the best of the best should be shown.

  3. Excellent advice! If only I could do the same :)

  4. I totally agree, and if i see multiple of the same images, i do click and done. Thank you!!

  5. But Jen . . . you CAN do the same. It's simply a matter of choosing just the ones that will really impact your viewers.

  6. Great advice! Trying to do that more myself.

  7. I absolutely agree with this! I hope more photographers read this, there is nothing worse than going to a blog and waiting and waiting for images to load (okay, maybe auto-play music :D )

  8. Here here!!! We have high speed cable, but man, the blog posts with 20+ images takes FOREVER to load. Frustrating!

  9. I so agree with you. And I try to keep this in mind when posting images to my blog.

  10. You are so so right. I try to keep the number of images I blog low, but like you said - the emotional attachment... LOL. Thanks for the reminder!