Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No Matter Who You Choose, Just Vote.

The day to cast your vote is finally here.

We've endured the constant focus of politics on television, radio and in our mailboxes. Some of it has been upbeat, encouraging people to vote their side for the good things that will happen. Others target a particular candidate or issue for you to vote against. Rather than say "Vote for X" they tell you to "Vote against Z". (In my house, we've gotten to the point where we turn down the sound when commercials come on. We've made up our own silly versions versions of ads which are far more entertaining than the real thing . . . )

All this mudslinging isn't new. There was an interesting spot on this past week's "60 Minutes" featuring a history / political science professor discussing campaigns of the past all the way back to Thomas Jefferson / John Adams era and how dirty they became. Suffice it to say that what we're hearing today is rather mild compared to the rhetoric of their days.

VoteEither way, I hate it. I want to go back to being friends with my Facebook friends who've been spewing "their side" for the past months. I want the misinformation that we see on TV to just be done.
So . . . after months and months of campaigns, the day has come where we have to "put our money where our mouth is." The facts aren't difficult to find, but they're not in television commercials and campaign flyers. If you haven't done so already, do a little homework before you go to the polls. It will be worth your investment of time.

Most of all, please make sure and get out and cast your ballot. I was floored a few years ago to hear that a friend who had very political leanings in their area was not even registered to vote, even though they had lived in that town for over 15 years!! You can register at the polls in most places and it only takes a few minutes.

You DO make a difference.

Let your voice be heard.

Just vote.


  1. Not being an American citizen (I am in South Africa) it's been very interesting for me to watch how the politics there have developed. I completely agree that it is imperative to vote - a famous quote goes "if you don't stand up for anything, you'll fall for nothing".

  2. I did my absentee ballot a couple of weeks ago. :)

  3. I have to agree. I'm glad that everyone seems to be very excited about being involved in the election but I'm ready to have my FB newsfeed return back to normal and not have people going to war over their candidate of choice!

  4. So important! We are so lucky to have the honor and privilege of voting to choose our elected officials. The fate of our country is in our hands!

  5. Very well said, couldn't agree more. And yes, I voted too! :)

  6. I took my baby boy for his first vote today. He was so very proud, as was I!

  7. I agree! My husband is out there fighting for the right to vote and so many have died defending it. Great post!

  8. I'm not American so I wasn't out voting today but when we do have elections here in Canada I do my part by voting. Everyone can make a difference.

  9. Great reminder! I look forward to opening Facebook and twitter and seeing everything back to normal.

  10. My 9yo daughter came with me. I explained the process to her, made my selection, and then had her push the big green VOTE button. She was SO thrilled to help!

    As for the mud slinging, it makes me CRINGE. Friends can become enemies so quickly just because they can't have an open mind. For goodness sake, is it really worth losing a friend to spew such hatred at the opposing side? Are you really that perfect a person? I dare say, no one is.

    So glad you posted about this, David! I am definitely looking forward to social media becoming a calm place once again.