Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Try an LED video light to give your images some extra "wow"!

Recently, I was at a workshop where the presenter was demonstrating the use of a low-powered LED video light for use in situations where you don't want to light with electronic flash. It was intriguing to see the results of the light when used as a main, a fill, through a modifier such as a shoot-thru umbrella, or simply with a diffuser. I was curious enough to want to try one for myself.

Of course, he was selling one for $200. His was lower power, smaller and the battery was $50 extra. Rather than do my usual impulse buy, I copied the specs and did some research.

What I found was pretty amazing. There are a number of these types of lights available in places like eBay and Amazon. Taking a minute to compare made me realize I wanted one that took a higher-capacity battery than what 6 AAs provided. I also wanted something dimmable to give the unit some versatility. Most are lightweight and have a hot shoe attachment as well as a standard tripod or light stand thread.

Best of all, I found them for - get this - under $50 each, including the battery and charger.

(And . . I'm sharing the link so people don't pay $200 for one.) ;-)

CLICK HERE to find this great deal on Amazon, or look in the "Recommended by David" box.

Have fun!

- David

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