Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who Really Sees Your Facebooks Posts? What Message Are You Really Sending?

It's a funny thing. A few years ago, many folks were very leery of signing up for an account on the new thing called "Facebook" because they didn't want the world to see what they were doing or be able to pry into their personal lives. Yet a few years later, it seems as if the best possible app that could be developed would be one that warns social media users when their personal filters are completely off.

For example, this post appeared in my feed over the weekend.

It took me by surprise that quite clearly the photographer posting this update failed to remember that the client for whom they had photographed the wedding is one of their friends on Facebook. Yes, the client saw the feed (as evidenced by the comment.)

So . . . what message did the photographer send to the client? Was it a warm fuzzy "wow, I had an awesome time photographing a wedding this weekend" or was it more along the line of "I'm driving home from my stupid out of town wedding and now I'm going to be inconvenienced because I'm running into traffic"? While the photographer did not specifically state either thought, the tone of the message is one that could easily give the client the wrong impression.

Of course, I make it a habit to not use profanity around my clients or on my Facebook page. To me, it sounds unprofessional.

When making Facebook updates, it's a great idea to ask yourself this: if the person was standing right there, would the same words that you're typing on your keyboard be coming out of your mouth?

Of course there's another rule that may even fit much better. Sometimes, when you're angry or frustrated, the best and safest status update is none at all.

- David Grupa

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