Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Prevent Damage to Your Camera and Memory Cards

Here's something that lots of people do and don't even think twice about . . . they put memory cards into their pocket without first putting them into a case.

No big deal? Ahhhh, but it is . . . all of the crap in your pocket (lint, small stuff, sand, whatever) gets into the pin slots on the memory cards and makes life miserable. It can really ruin your day when the card becomes unreadable, or worse, bends one of the pins in your camera!

Before putting a naked memory card into your pocket, use one of those little plastic cases the come with or get a waterproof one that holds multiple cards. They are well worth the investment! 

You can find a case such as this at most photo retailers for under $20. I've also seen them on eBay; popular brands are Pelican and JJC.

- David Grupa 

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