Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Need an Affordable Solution for Accepting Credit Cards?

We all know that accepting payment via credit card is a smart business decision. The ability to "pay for it with plastic"

Would you like to accept credit cards in your business, but haven't been able to find an affordable solution? Your answer could be right in the palm of your hand, in the form of your Android device or iPhone. offers a simple solution. A widiget that plugs into your smartphone and a quick app download and you're almost there. Simply complete the banking information in the application data and your credit card transactions will be processed quickly. The client acknowledges the sale with a quick fingertip signature on your phone. SquareUp will email or text them a payment receipt. Could it get any easier?

Best of all, fees are reasonable; just 2.75% per transaction. No per-swipe fees, just a simple 2.75%. Pretty minimal when you consider the convenience of being able to carry your credit card terminal in your pocket and bring it to any job site.

How many sales do you lose because you can't accept a credit card? Find out more at today!

- David Grupa

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