Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Coming this January - Business by the Numbers

Kirsten Holscher, one of the Camp David instructors, will be hosting a seminar in January called "Business by the Numbers". Having known Kirsten for a number of years and watching her progress in the industry, I can attest first-hand that she will get you on the right track with this seminar. Kirsten is extremely organized and goal-oriented; it's no accident that her business is successful.

So many photographers just "wing it" when it comes to pricing and set th
eir prices based on things like:
- emotion (you can't drop prices on a whim just to make a sale!)

- what you would be willing to pay (most of us can't afford ourselves)

- what the photographer across the street charges (how do you know if that person is making enough money - or charging based on what YOU charge?)

- what our family and friends are willing to pay (they're the ones who always expect a deal!)

Forget about what new lenses you want or what new toys you think you should buy; what we truly need to invest money in is ourselves! Education is never a bad thing . . . click the link below to be directed to her website, then make it your resolution for 2011 to run your business properly!

 - David Grupa

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